Diss Track Mix (Tabbes and Utoonz Cover) ALPHA VERSION I GUESS

by Tabbes, Utoonz, VioCube



Hey, this song is probably horrid. Everything after the Grgikau part of the Utoonz cover was ununmutable in audacity, so it's most indubitably out of sync.


Hi I’m laddi, im a real kool pal
18 years legal, but I sound like a child
5 videos out right now, please look at my creation
my most recent one is an alexclark animation (ew!)

8 Bit
o-m-g its 8 bit! Please don’t make me faint
he just stole links design and slabbed some purple paint
should’ve been a Kirby instead…cuz you know he really sucks
look at at all his cop videos—he’s edgy as fuck

Ivan Animated
Ivan animated. Oh my gosh, this is easy
thought his disstrack roasted but all it did was make me sleepy
aside from being creepy, he wants that domics bannister
he think hes the shit cuz he doesn’t bounce his characters
people look up to him, yes the kids in yac
he would be a role model if his vids wasn’t wack
ivan is Asian so he really thinks he brings the pain
he hoped domics on his video would’ve brung him fame

oh, look its gingeygingey! he hit 1 K so he’s hype
all these poke vids but cant battle to save his life
his name is gingerpale. Should’ve been called gingerstale
behind this character is a Canadian 20 yr old male

oh hey, cadetkei, or is it pronounced cadet kai?
Think shes cool just cuz she upgraded from paint tool sai
Not to sound inhumane, but I think she’s real insane
Cool video, too bad nobody watches steam train!

Jacadamia. His colors change like the autumn
His whole channel is the definition of first world problems
Made a vid about breakfast, had to mention in this roast
Cuz after I lay these bars, he’s officially French toast

Donimation Studios
Mister studios, yes his stuff is so fluid
Too bad it takes him 6 years just to show what’s he doin’
When his new stuff is out, I would’ve already graduated
He should title his next vid “donimation? Dominated!”

Rushlight Invader
rushlight invader, I’ve got to confess
made a video for markimoo but he go no press
cool name dude. Like, It’s really fitting bro
its fitting cuz when I see him I be rushin’ to go!

(misprouncing grgikaus name)

rachrab, you know you’re about to get dissed
waiting for a new vid and then you come out with this
she’s wants to beat me up but she’s not hard
you may be Canadian, but you’re not as cold as these bars

Vani-vanimations, I hope you hear what I’m sayin
She animates her adventures cuz she sucks at playin
She’s a trainer so she knows to admit defeat
Real pokemaster here so she better take a seat

Tabbes, she thinks her crown makes reign supreme
She would add color to her vid but that’s too mainstream
Her channel is definitely a swing and a miss
She really draws like that but her vids are like this

The French Pinapple
French pineapple.. did I mention he’s from france
He thinks since he’s foreign, that he’s so advanced
He wants views, looking for big tubers to harass
Just like world war 1, Americans gotta save his ass

Timtom hardly uploads so put on that alert
He thinks he’s a prodigy, but he’s just james with a shirt
100k sub… that’s impressive I’ve got to admit
how do you have a cintiq but then you draw like shit

Taylor's Chronicles
chronicles of taylor, hmm what to talk about
hanging out with us but she only got one vid out
needed some help, so we aided her premiere
call us Kanye west, cuz we about to make her career

Look at all of spechie’s vids, there’s enough for a binge
Too bad her story videos always make me cringe
Gotta bow down to the edge lord herself
her comment sections always tend to damage my health (bow!)

Darren Esquire
You created this group, so you’re the reason for the cancer
when your next vids out? you can never give a proper answer
always like to show off but we all can see the façade
this group you made is a fake animation squad!

UTOOOOOONZ, no hard feelings
I know you just started reeling
Took your bait but now Im boutta make it Taboo
Why not start with you?
Naming it the Kindergarten in the first place
Who the hell thought it’d be genius?
Especially for our age
Well I guess you did but then again you’re one of a kind
Sometimes the things you say just blow me outta my mind

Here comes Gingerpale
He’s the one that’s also a drink
Or maybe this guy with no soul, even shy guy I think
Then again this thing really has no heart
But what else can I say? He’s just a solid green tart

Movin on to Laddi who’s a slight bit batty!
I’m a reel kool pal at least according to miss chatty
Hey there alpha lion, really digging the hair
Got lots more to grow, wanna donate Rush a share?

Sorry Rush, it’s just a prank
Didn’t mean it, don’t look blank
I just wanted to let you know that this whole group think you stank
They don’t mean it, we just say it
You ask why? I dunno. But maybe for the reason youre fine with taking the blow

Hey it’s chilly!
Sorry new girl, I ain’t holding back
I know you just joined our group but nay, that panda hat is wack
Gotta tell ya that, but I was thinking maybe you were 5
Real adorable, but right now I’ll just give this verse a dive

Oh look is that link? My mistake that be 8bit, with that lame ass lookin outfit
That I cannot comprehend
Why you wearing vans with flare sweats, next are crocs and hair nets
Probably should be looking to find some current new outlets

Good ol Jaca, youll never find him swearin, hes a square
Hes all rainbows and butterflies with his blast o color hair
Hes the lucky charms leprechaun except he aint that short
In fact, hes a giant man, belongs in the court

Zdravstvuy cudyetkey
Ridin bears and hugging trees?
I know that sounds mad racist but you got absent flaws ya see
Aint it nice havin putin on your side by the way
Cuz at Least it aint the prez saying ‘’grab’r by the poosei’’

And now it’s Rachrab with the Tab Tabbes
You hiding there like some hermit crab
I say come out we aint got no trap
You been with us now watch it unwrap

Next is Tim Tom, with his Wacom
You hype it up but you can’t draw
Son of James yeah lets keep it raw
And where you at Like Hell naw

You too miss Georgi Cow
Your presence definitely raisin brows
I thought youd really visit by now
I guess you still won’t anyhow

There’s Pineboy
What a killjoy
Hes good n all but hes a convoy
Whats up man we aint here to annoy
You actin like we be makin some ploy

Vanimations, I know that you can hear me out there
I seen you visit us once you know we got that side glare
Your laughters like a damn roar we hear it a million miles away
Buy why not stop by over now why don’t you come back and stay?

Theres that basic girl named Taylor
Just watch her channel Trailer
Oh wait no she don’t have one cause shes hardly a creator
You aware I came to diss you after all of this I went through?
I guess Im just salty cuz you aint givin back the favor

Edgy Spechie
You know you’ve heard it many times before
But how bout you and that robot? Your husbands back from the ‘’war’’
I don’t mean to judge but hes got a lover behind closed doors
Her name is cleverbot and she thinks your flirting’s really uncalled for

Ivan animated
Corny fanbase shady as hell
Just like your glasses with your sandals socks, a nono as well
A living stereotype and a future doctor to be
And also really bad at driving you posted for all to see

I really thought that you were a kid
You got that babyish icon I see the previews you did
But how bout dates of them videos or a schedule to bet on?
You gonna tease us some more? Or will it end up being long gone?

Lastly Turtle
I sometimes wonder how youre so shy
Don’t need to hide in that shell your channels all for the eyes
Our viewers are pretty crazy tryna ship us with ‘’Turbbes’’
But what else can ya do? We gotta fight to keep the curb


released February 27, 2017
The Kindergarten crew!



all rights reserved


VioCube Arizona

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Leading me to better prepare
For the day that something really special might come.
Tell me there's some hope for me.
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For the rest of my days on the earth.
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